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What is Lutim?

Lutim is a free (as in free beer) and anonymous image hosting service. It's also the name of the free (as in free speech) software which provides this service.

The images you post on Lutim can be stored indefinitely or be deleted at first view or after a delay selected from those proposed.

How does it work?

Drag and drop an image in the appropriate area or use the traditional way to send files and Lutim will provide you four URLs. One to view the image, an other to directly download it, one you can use on social networks and a last to delete the image when you want.

You can, optionally, request that the image(s) posted on Lutim to be deleted at first view (or download) or after the delay selected from those proposed.

Is it really free (as in free beer)?

Yes, it is! On the other side, if you want to support the developer, you can do it via Tipeee or via Liberapay.

Is it really anonymous?

Yes, it is! On the other side, for legal reasons, your IP address will be stored when you send an image. Don't panic, it is normally the case of all sites on which you send files!

The IP address of the image's sender is retained for a delay which depends of the administrator's choice (for the official instance, which is located in France, it's one year).

If the files are deleted if you ask it while posting it, their SHA512 footprint are retained.

Who owns rights on images uploaded on Lutim?

Only the uploader! (well, only if he's the only owner of the images' rights before the upload)

Unlike many image sharing services, you don't give us rights on uploaded images.

How to report an image?

Please contact the administrator: webmaster@img.moria.me

How do you pronounce Lutim?

The way you pronounce the French word lutin (/ly.tɛ̃/).

What about the software which provides the service?

The Lutim software is a free software, which allows you to download and install it on you own server. Have a look at the AGPL to see what you can do.

For more details, see the homepage of the project.

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